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Best GSA Search Engine Ranker Resources & Add-ons

SER Links itself will not be enough for you to reach a higher success ratio with GSA Search Engine Ranker. Using the best resources for your GSA Search Engine Ranker is the best way to get great results with the tool. So we thought of letting you know our recommended VPS providers, proxy providers, email providers, captcha solvers, content generators, and reading materials that you can use to boost your rankings with GSA Search Engine Ranker.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

Our ultimate fast backlink creating software is GSA Search Engine Ranker that allows us to do wonders with backlink creation. It’s more likely you have already got a copy of GSA Search Engine Ranker, but here is a gentle reminder that if you haven’t purchased it already, you can get it from the link below. You are going to need it to get the most out of this post as well.

The best thing is that it comes with a one-time purchase and completely free unlimited updates! So it’s always best to have a copy of GSA Search Engine Ranker, perhaps for future use. This ultimate solution comes with its own unique tutorials and guides. Also, this is something we have noticed; almost all the GSA Search Engine Ranker users are quite helpful for their fellow users. Including the team, SER Links is beneficial when it comes to problems that GSA Search Engine ranker users come across.

GSA Search Engine Ranker - SER Links

Best Add-ons for GSA SER

Captcha Solvers

GSA Captcha Breaker

The main struggle that we all come across when creating backlinks is the captchas. Have no worries; GSA services got you covered with GSA Captcha Breaker that is specifically designed to break almost any captcha that comes across GSA footprints. This is also an essential addon that every GSA Search Engine Ranker user needs to have. It also comes with a one-time purchase and completely free and regular updates. Guess what? You can even add any of the captchas that you come across for the betterment of your projects. Make sure to check with the GSA forum as you might be able to catch a GSA Captcha Breaker Discount sometimes.


  • GSA Software friendly
  • Easy and Simple installations
  • Budget-friendly because it comes with one-time purchase and free updates
  • Captcha Editor is included
  • Prompt complex captchas solving ratio


  • Cannot solve hard captchas such as reCAPTCHA
  • The trial is valid only for five days

Check out this tool by yourself as a free trial today!

GSA Captcha Breaker - SER Links


There are many OCR captcha solvers out there, which are completely automated. Among those services, we would like to recommend you 2Captcha, which is a human-based captcha solving service that you can integrate with GSA Search Engine Ranker. This allows you to get your captchas solved by a human at a very budget-friendly price. This would be one of the best choices for your top tier campaigns.

Key Features

  • Solves Almost all the captchas, including ReCaptchas
  • SEO and GSA tool friendly
  • Doesn’t charge for failed captchas
  • Average solving speed


  • Not fast as much as an OCR captcha solver.
  • Have to pay for each captcha

Content Generators

GSA Content Generator

If you are an experienced GSA Search Engine Ranker user, you must know how important content is when creating a quality campaign. GSA Content Generator is an ideal tool to help you and other SEO tools to create content. This is a little bit complex addon that works really well with GSA Search Engine Ranker. The best feature is that it allows you to directly import data fields to GSA SER. Once you get the hang of it, this can make your backlinking process quite fast and efficient.


  • GSA Software friendly
  • A powerful content scraper
  • Creates high-quality content
  • Multimedia, Creative content, HTML content supportive
  • Niche related long-tail keyword supportive
  • Advanced filtering system for content


  • Content may not be as creative as human-generated content
  • Many users prefer automating their content creation. You can also try GSA Content Generator for free through the link below
GSA Content Generator - SER Links

SEO Content Machine

There are many content generators out there. Among all of them, SEO Content Machine is one of our favorites because of the quality content that it provides for almost any keyword out there. This is a very GSA Search Engine Ranker friendly tool that you can integrate for your automation process.


  • Supports micro long-tail keywords to write any content 
  • One-click export directly to GSA SER (support all GSA ser data fields)
  • Provides high-quality content for top tier campaigns
  • User-friendly interface with a visual editor
  • Generate long-tail keywords
  • Accepts Multiple Languages
  • Can run on any OS
  • Fast content generation – Multi-threaded.
  • Proxies and captcha support. 
  • Comes with loads of integration APIS (translators/spinners)
  • Can add multimedia features such as images, videos, tweets, etc.
  • Flexible pricing plans 
  • Update often, and developers stay alert for users requests
SEO Content Machine - SER Links

Best Shared and Dedicated Server providers

There are only a few VPS providers that are available when setting up SEO related tools. We will mention here the best among those hand full of providers for your convenience. We all have different purposes and targets for the archive when building our set up. It is best to be aware of what kind of VPS or a Dedicated server you need before choosing your package.

We tried setting up GSA Search Engine Ranker and other SEO tools on Windows server 2012 and Windows server 2019. It turned out that these softwares tend to perform better on the Windows server 2012 other than 2019. So we can also recommend you set up Windows server 2012 on your servers to allow SEO tools to perform better.

Green Server

Many SEO tool users recommend Green server because their services are very supportive when it comes to SEO related tools. Their product ranges include Windows, KVM, and dedicated servers. We highly encourage you to choose a package from Windows servers in order to make your SEO projects more efficient. If you are someone who is planning to run a few copies of GSA SER, we can suggest you check out the E5 1660V4 processor. Then you can partition it with different IPs according to your need.


  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Fast internet with unmetered bandwidth
  • SEO Friendly service
  • Upgraded hardware including SSD hard drives etc
  • Flexible packages suitable for newbies and SEO experts
  • Easy payment methods with PayPal, 2Checkout, and Bitcoins
  • 24H tech support via live chat


  • Certain servers contain outdated hardware
Green Cloud VPS - SER Links


Speaking of complex bots and other SEO related projects, Solid SEO VPS know their way to satisfy any of the VPS requirements of their clients in no time. You have the complete freedom to install any GSA product on Windows VPS or Dedicated Server to skyrocket your project efficiency.


  • Wide range of locations (US, Europe, Africa, Russia, Asia, Australia, UK, etc.)
  • Fast internet with unlimited bandwidth
  • Hasslefree technical support and smooth upgrades
  • SEO Friendly service
  • Premium Hardware with SSD hard drives etc.
  • Flexible payment methods including Paypal
  • 100% uptime
  • Seven days money-back guarantee
Solid SEO VPS - SER Links

Host Gnome VPS

Host Gnome VPS provides a wide range of hosting packages from sharing hosting, Linux VPS, Windows VPS to Dedicated Servers. If you are someone who is new to SEO tools, we highly recommend you to check out their Premium Windows VPS packages to set up your SEO tools. This service comes with a very responsive support team, as well. You can simply content any of their agents by visiting their website.

This is a new service that you can checkout with an affordable price range. You can also get a lifetime discount if you purchase their products through our link below.


  • SEO tools friendly
  • It is an offshore service that allows users to run tools without proxies. But we do not recommend using SEO tools without adding proxies due to other drawbacks.
  • Quick support for technical issues (Takes only a few minutes to respond) 
  • Uses high benchmark rated hardware
  • Flexible payment methods including Paypal Visa, Master & CryptoCurrency


  • Slow bandwidth
  • Recognizable down time
SER Links - Best Resoucers2
SER Links - Best Resoucers
Host Gnome VPS - SER Links

Green Cloud VPS

Green Cloud VPS is also one of the most popular VPS and dedicated server providers among SEO communities. If you are someone who is looking for a server provider that covers pretty much the whole world, this could be your pick. They come with 27 locations, and this is one of their servers that can be recommended for anyone who is looking for a stable and time-efficient performance. If you are planning to spread your wings with GSA SER, we suggest you check out their Xeon E3 range processors.

Key Features

  • Fast internet with unlimited bandwidth
  • Wide range of locations (US, Europe, Bulgaria, Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, etc.)
  • 100% uptime
  • 24x7x365 Experienced staff support
  • Flexible payment methods including Paypal
  • SEO and GSA tool friendly


  • Hardware may not be upgraded to the latest versions

GreenServer - SER Links

Best Proxy Providers for GSA SER

There are many proxy providers in the market. You may have already come across any of these services that we have mentioned below. When it comes to proxies for GSA SER, there are certain things that you need to consider before choosing the best type and the best service for your projects.

There are different types of proxies such as residential proxies, private proxies, anonymous proxies, shared proxies, dedicated proxies, and rotating proxies, etc. If you are working on a valuable project, it would be great if you can use residential/dedicated/shared proxies to get the most out of your backlinks. If you are working on any lower tier campaigns or testing out the software, you can use shared proxies for your projects.

Buy Proxies

Probably one of the oldest yet competitive proxy providers in the market today. They come with a wide range of budget-friendly proxies that you can use on your GSA Search Engine Ranker campaigns.

Key Features

  • Quick Delivery
  • Fast proxies
  • Great customer support with live chat agents
  • USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK & Netherlands based proxies
  • Tested against search engines and major platforms
  • Flexible payment methods including Paypal
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Easy to set up

image_675 - SER Links

Blazing Proxies

Blazing proxies do provide a unique service for its users that comes with one of its kind. Their proxy replacement process is admirable, and we can assure you that you will not have issues when replacing proxies with their subscription. They also provide budget-friendly packages that almost anyone can buy.

Key Features

  • 13 regions across the globe
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fast proxies with 1Gbps of speed
  • SEO and GSA tool friendly
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Flexible payment methods including Paypal
  • Includes IPv6, IPv4, HTTPS, SOCKS, HTTP
blazing proxies - SER Links

Green Cloud Proxies

Green Cloud is an ultimate solution provider for GSA tools. While they provide quality VPS, they also successfully fulfill your proxies requirements as well. They also provide fast customer support for any of the technical issues that you come across. But still, they manage to provide their quality proxies with a competitive price range.

Key Features

  • USA/Europe Locations
  • SEO and GSA tool friendly
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • HTTP/HTTPS Available
  • Flexible payment methods including Paypal
  • 24/7/365 support
Green Cloud Proxies - SER Links

Solid SEO Proxies

Solid SEO is also an ultimate GSA Search Engine Ranker solution provider. You can find their hot proxy deals through their website. Their service also comes with a simple proxy replacement process that you can use on GSA Search Engine Ranker. Feel free to give them a try as you can get your hot proxies delivered within just one hour by Solid SEO Proxies. However, they only provide proxies from the US and Europe only.

Key Features

  • US and Europe based proxies
  • Flexible payment options
  • SEO and GSA tool friendly
  • 24/7/365 support
Solid SEO Proxies - SER Links

Best Emails for GSA SER

Emails are also important when it comes to backlink creations. There are many types of emails that you can use for your campaigns, including quality emails from major platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Protonmail & Yandex. Also, you can choose to catch all emails that are specifically made for account creation and backlink creation. We will mention a few recommended catchall email providers that you can choose to use on the GSA Search Engine Ranker projects.

SER Emails

SER Emails provide fresh, short, and branded emails for your GSA Search Ranker campaigns. They offer monthly packages, including allowing clients to build their custom packages. This is an essential service that most GSA Search Engine Ranker users recommend. You should have already heard about them as GSA SER catch-all emails.


  • Fresh emails
  • Branded Professional-looking emails
  • Premium Emails are available
  • SEO and GSA tool friendly
  • Budget-friendly packages

SER Emails - SER Links

Best Reading Materials for GSA SER

GSA Forum

It’s obvious that you come across at least one problem while being a GSA Search Engine Ranker expert. This is where you can ask any questions related to GSA softwares and services. The GSA forum is very much active with GSA software users, and the developers are also active there. You can easily get your problems and doubts sorted here.

GSA Forum - SER Links